new popular mobilization one week before the 1st anniversary of "Hirak"

Algiers (hooly News) – Several thousand people marched on Friday in Algiers to demand the end of the "system" in power, during their weekly march, one week before the first anniversary of the "Hirak", an unprecedented popular protest movement which agitates the 'Algeria.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators demanded once again a "civil and non-military state", the flagship slogan of "Hirak", and promised to "continue until the change" of regime, according to an hooly News journalist.

"We are celebrating a year of" Hirak ", demonstrations and marches. And if we have to walk another year I will walk for my country," said Salima, 55, a university professor.

"The first goal has been achieved: freedom of speech. Now we want real change," said the teacher.

"During a year of demonstrations, the world has seen that in Algeria there is a free people. It is important for our honor sullied by (Abdelaziz) Bouteflika and his dictatorship," added Ahmed, a 34-year-old civil servant.

Born on February 22 to oppose the prospect of a fifth term for President Bouteflika, the "Hirak" obtained on April 2 the resignation of the Head of State, then in power for 20 years.

Since then, he claims in vain for a real break with the political "system" in place since independence in 1962. He disputes the election in mid-December of the new president Abdelmadjid Tebboune, a former follower of Mr. Bouteflika.

– "I love the Revolution" –

On this Valentine's Day, displaying a large pink heart on a sign, a young woman declared her love for the "Revolution" – nicknamed the "Smile Revolution" because of its peaceful nature.

At least one "Amazigh" (Berber) flag, banned by the army of processions, reappeared on the streets of Algiers on Friday, police trying in vain to tear it down, the hooly News journalist noted.

Like every Friday, the procession brandished the portraits of opponents detained for acts related to the "Hirak", in particular of Karim Tabbou, a figure of the movement imprisoned since the end of September.

Since the beginning of the year, several dozen prisoners prosecuted in connection with the "Hirak" have been released after serving their sentence or having been released.

But a hundred remain in detention.

Friday, the crowd also paid tribute to the deputy prosecutor of the court of Sidi M'Hamed (center of Algiers), Mohamed Belhadi, transferred this week to have demanded the release for demonstrators of "Hirak" by claiming, in a recent vibrant pleading, "independent justice".

"No to telephone justice!" Chanted the "hirakists", denouncing a judicial hierarchy to orders accused of obeying executive phone calls.

The demonstrators dispersed calmly at the end of the afternoon, the police making sure that the last walkers left quickly.

As every week, similar marches took place in several cities of the country, in particular in Oran, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Mostaganem, Mascara and in the Berber-speaking region of Kabylie, according to social networks.

Without a formal structure, the "Hirak" nevertheless appears divided on the procedure to follow at the start of its 2nd year, in particular on the relevance and the modalities of possible discussions with the authorities, but also on the form that should take future challenge.