Perpignan: he overpays the highway for years, his rage makes the buzz

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During a trip on the highway, Nicolas Guénard, a craftsman from the Pyrénées-Orientales realized that his utility vehicle was automatically outclassed. A detection error on the part of the electronic toll which gives him a bill much larger than the one he should have paid. He then pushed a jab on Facebook through a video that quickly became viral.

Nicolas Guénard, a craftsman from Soler (Pyrénées-Orientales) is making the buzz with his video shot at the highway companies. During a long journey in the East of France, this Solérien realized, a little by chance, that he overpaid the toll.

"I was wrong in line, I wanted to pay cash in a queue for blue cards, says the craftsman, who circulates in a Trafic utility, to The Independent. I called an operator via the intercom, and there, she rectified the price because I was not in the right category. A utility is in class 1, and not in class 2. And on long journeys, the difference in price is huge, "says Nicolas.

A difference of 4.70 euros

"Few people are aware of this. When I think that I paid the difference without realizing it for years, it makes me moan ", denounces the craftsman. "So I waited for my daughter to travel with me to film me and I shouted before posting it on Facebook." And his video will undoubtedly lighten the highway costs of more than one person: it has been shared more than 12,000 times, and seen almost 430,000 times. "I have private messages and comments in shambles. People thank me for warning them. That was the goal: to help, "says Nicolas The Independent.

On this video, we can see him introduce his toll ticket into the machine which then says: 13.30 euros. The electronic toll detects a class 2 vehicle. "It's not normal, just press the little button," he explains. An operator picks up and rectifies the class in 1, the craftsman has only 8,60 euros to pay. A difference of 4.70 euros. An amount that is not negligible on long journeys, when the tolls are linked. Since then, every time he takes the highway, Nicolas always calls the services, at the toll gate, so that his class is rectified.