Louis de Funès birthday: return to the most cult scenes of his career

Louis de Funès birthday: return to the most cult scenes of his career

He is an unforgettable actor, timeless and above all one of a kind. Born July 31, 1914 in Courbevoie and died January 27, 1983 in Nantes, Louis de Funès would be 106 years old today.

Louis de Funès is finally the French actor with a capital A, always achieving so much success when his films are on television. Indeed, the films where the actor appears, have, and still directs today, record audiences never equaled . For this reason, since July 15, an exhibition in his honor at the French Cinémathèque opened its doors. It will also remain open to the public until May 31, 2021 and adults and children alike can go there to find out who Louis de Funès was. Film costumes, film sets, cult sessions, bloopers, everything is gathered in one and the same place, to the delight of its fans.

But up front, you are made to discover or rediscover some cult scenes from his films. In cinema, there were, among others, Le Grand Restaurant (1966) Oscar (1967), Hibernatus (1969), La Folie des Grandeurs (1971), Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973) or l’Avare (1980). Films that have become cults, thanks in part to certain scenes and lines that have marked viewers.

The gendarme in New York – “My taylor is rich”:

The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob – “My name is Pivert, Victor Pivert, like a woodpecker”:

The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob – “Are you a Jew? Listen, it doesn’t matter, I’ll keep you anyway.” :

The madness of grandeur – “He is gold …”:

Le Grand Restaurant – “I asked for a radish”:

The gendarme gets married – “I am a widower too”:

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If he has never maintained the habit of appearing in his own works, unlike for example Alfred Hitchcock and M. Night Shyamalan, Steven Spielberg nevertheless makes a cameo in hooly-news.com Perdu since he appears - surrounded by the family of Doctor Ian Malcolm - in the reflection of a television at the end of the film!