Star Wars 9: a fan of the saga creates an animated version of the scenario of Colin Trevorrow

Originally, the director of Jurassic World was in charge of the project.

Before J. J. Abrams don't realize Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker, it is Colin Trevorrow who was in charge of the project. In 2017, two years after being hired by Lucasfilm to oversee episode 9, the director of Jurassic World left the ship for "artistic disputes". Two months ago, the aborted scenario of the last episode of the saga (if it is indeed the real one) however leaked on the canvas, delivering a version very different from that of J. J. Abrams. Entitled Star Wars: Duel of the Fates (in reference to a composition by conductor John Williams, specially composed for The Phantom Menace), the creator and fan of the Ethan Taylor saga, known for his YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies, had fun recreating the plot of Trevorrow in an animated 5-minute version.

"Very different from episode 9 released in theaters, (the version of Colin Trevorrow) does not bring back Palpatine, but sees the former Master Sith Tor Vallum appear, more Tico Rose and more Leia on the screen, a double lightsaber for Rey, Kylo Ren as the central character and about the same number of Knights of Ren. ", is written in caption of the video.

Star Wars 9: Colin Trevorrow's script would have leaked

As the animated version shows, the film opens with Finn, Poe, BB-8 and Rose Tico rescued by Rey on board an enemy ship, while Kylo Ren is tormented by the ghost of Luke Skywalker who tries to bring it back on the right side of the Force. As such, the character interpreted by Mark Hamill is also more present than in The Ascension of Skywalker. Kylo Ren then tries to trace the former Palpatine master, Master Tor Vallum, after getting his hands on a holocron. After having succeeded and having learned to "draw force", Kylo Ren uses his power against Tor Vallum and kills him.

In this version, Rey is not related to Palpatine. However, she learns that Kylo Ren is responsible for the death of her parents and decides to confront him on the top of a montage. During the fight, Kylo Ren hurts her in the face and Rey becomes blind. They confront each other again, in a temple, and Kylo Ren draws on the strength of Rey who lies on the ground. Leia manages to get in touch with her son by using the Force and makes him hear reason. He then gives Rey all his vitality and collapses in turn. While dying, he confides to the young Jedi that his name is Rey Solana.

Finally, Rey makes an astral journey and finds himself facing Obi-Wan, Yoda and Luke, who all salute his efforts, before finding Finn, Poe and the others.

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