Obama's commitment rules | America now 2

Obama's commitment rules | America now

Don Brown explains the rules of engagement of former President Obama and how it complicates the decision making of American soliders on the battlefield. Watch the entire episode by logging in or activating your 30-day free trial version on MorningStar TV :.

"Obama's War" 3

"Obama's War"

On December 1, 2009, US President Barack Obama presented his military strategy at Afghanistan at West Point, US military academy. The speech of the cadets of the Academy was borne by the people. These are the pictures I took at night. Christopher Morris / VII The music is The Russian Folklore "DrevA". Especially my thanks …

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"Obama Burden" 4

"Obama Burden"

On the Veteran Day, US President Obama visited the Arlington Cemetery. After official presentations, the president went to part 60, dedicated to the military war dead from Afghanistan and Iraq. What I have tried to show in the film, is a heavy burden that awaits the president. This was a view of his window as …

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