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Marine Le Pen calls Macron to "respond" to "yellow vests" Marine Le Pen called Emmanuel Macron to "meet" the expectations of "yellow vests" she says support "more than ever", but not by a "thing" Ecological "or a" boilers transition premium ".Read more»

Paris (AFP) – Marine Le Pen has called on Emmanuel Macron to "respond" concretely to the expectations of the "yellow vests" that she says support "more than ever", but not… Read more »

Glyphosate: At the age of seven, he writes to Emmanuel Macron to ask for a ban on pesticides

A 7-year-old boy calls on the president in a letter banning glyphosate./ Facebook screenshot Jennifer Guérard /                                                                                 Jacques Guérard Jacques, 7, wrote a letter to the president denouncing the effects… Read more »

Trump rips Macron for denouncing nationalismPresident Trump, a self-proclaimed nationalist, lashed out at France on Twitter, chastising French President Emmanuel Macron.Criticizes French trade »

President Trump lashed out at France — the whole country, as well as its president, Emmanuel Macron — Tuesday, two days after returning from a trip to Paris to commemorate… Read more »

Macron rejects nationalism as Trump looks onFrench President Emmanuel Macron rebuked present-day leaders who shun the international order in favor of protectionist, nativist policies.’Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism’ »

(Bloomberg) — French President Emmanuel Macron confronted fellow world leaders with an uncompromising validation of international cooperation, calling on them to work together to maintain peace and avoid the spiral… Read more »