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6.4 magnitude earthquake in western Iran, 210 injuredA magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit western Kermanshah province on Sunday, Iran's Geophysical Institute reported, 210 people were injured, according to local authorities.Read more »

Tehran (AFP) – A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Kermanshah province in western Iran on Sunday, the Iranian Institute of Geophysics said, and 210 people were injured, according to local authorities…. Read more »

Trump takes transgender troops cases to SCOTUSThe administration is asking the high court to fast-track cases on Trump’s decision to prevent certain transgender people from serving in the military.Lower courts blocked ban »

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court on Friday to issue an unusually quick ruling on the Pentagon’s policy of restricting military service by transgender people. It’s… Read more »

I know way too many people who are suddenly trans, non-binary, disabled and riddled with mental health issues and I can’t help but feel it’s just bullshit and they are children in adult bodies

I don’t think having mental health issues is bullshit, or being disabled, or even non-binary/trans. I’m boring-ly progressive. But I don’t think these people are actually any/all of these things…. Read more »

Multiple people dead at scene of N.J. mansion fireA luxury home near the New Jersey shore, owned by a tech company executive, was engulfed in flames leaving behind multiple casualties.Is blaze related to another 10 miles away? »

COLTS NECK, N.J. (AP) — Two children and two adults were found dead Tuesday at a burning mansion that was intentionally set ablaze in an upscale town near the New… Read more »