Tesla deploys Fallout Shelter in its cars with the 2020.20 update

The California automaker promised it last year that its cars can be turned into game consoles when parked. After Cuphead, it's the turn of Fallout Shelter to be playable in Tesla Model S or Model 3. Indeed, the Elon Musk firm is rolling out the 2020.20 update. It is already accessible for a few privileged users but should gradually spread across the park.

The key feature of this update is therefore Fallout Shelter, the mobile game derived from the famous license which proposes to organize life in a repopulation shelter in a post apocalyptic era. To play the Bethesda title, you obviously have to perform the last Tesla OS update, then go to the "Applications", "Arcade" menu and launch Fallout Shelter. As with other Tesla games, it can only be played once the vehicle has stopped.

A few more features

Fallout Shelter isn't the only new feature in this 2020.20 update. Indeed, Tesla's release notes also point to an improvement in cinema mode as well as the "TRAX" application. Concretely, these are slight improvements that allow the user to use the pedals and the steering wheel to navigate the Tesla cinema application without having to go through the car’s touchscreen.

As for TRAX, it is a music composition application, like a Garage Band for the car to which the manufacturer has decided to add a few options.

Tesla did not communicate on the deployment date of its last update, but insofar as it does not imply any change in performance or modification of the Autopilot, it could happen on all Tesla models fast enough.