Who are the Chucoteurs, the formidable new villains of the series “The Walking Dead”? Here is everything you need to know about this faithless community that will soon make Negan’s Saviors forget …


Their name alone is enough to generate dread: The Whisperers are finally arriving in The Walking Dead, and now nothing will be as before in the horror series. Expected, hoped for, but also feared by fans of the series, these new villains should challenge the heroes of the series like they have never experienced before, not even against the Governor or the Saviors of Negan. But who are these strange characters decked out in macabre human skin masks?

The Whisperers, or Whisperers in its original version, appeared in volume 22 of comic-book, several years after the war against Negan and the defeat of the leader of the Saviors. As the different communities live harmoniously under the leadership of a peaceful Rick (who spared Negan and the prison guard), two soldiers cross paths with these whispering dead, in reality a community hidden among zombies, and whose members covered with human skins sport a terrifying appearance.

The Walking Dead season 9: the whisperer Alpha goes into action in a new trailer

Led by a woman, Alpha (Samantha Morton), and a colossus christened Beta (Ryan Hurst), the Whisperers lead a prehistoric, primitive, violent, and emotionless way of life, and see the zombie apocalypse as an opportunity for the Man to return to his animal state, where only the strongest survive. Hidden within the hordes of Walkers, they therefore communicate by whispering, using weapons (blades, guns and other tools) and are able to lead the dead by taking advantage of their “panurgism”. In short, a countless and relentless group, who in the comic-book, launch into a turf war against Rick and his family.

Of course, it is not certain that the series will follow the plot of the comic book to the letter, especially since Rick Grimes left the series (definitively?) During the first part of the current season, leaving the vacant place of leader to his companion, Michonne. But the final scene of the mid-season finale, which saw some of the heroes surrounded by a troop of Whisperers, nevertheless suggests that the terrifying character of these sinister characters will be kept as it is. And who knows if after Jesus, other protagonists will not perish under the blows of these thick brutes?

The second part of season 9 of The Walking Dead can be followed in US + 24 on OCS Choc from Monday, February 11.

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