this comparison with William unflattering

Prince Harry "impulsive": this comparison with William unflattering

Prince Harry "impulsive": this comparison with William unflattering

The antagonism between Harry and William pushed to its peak. According to a source in the media Us Weekly, the youngest is "more sensitive and emotional" than his elder. Since his departure from the British royal family, the Duke of Sussex seems to cultivate a real susceptibility towards his brother.

Prince Harry's sensational sensitivity is no longer to be demonstrated. And it seems to have been exacerbated since the announcement of his departure from the British royal family, with his wife Meghan Markle, on January 8. The Duke of Sussex would continue to cultivate a real susceptibility on everything related to his older brother. The antagonism between the two sons of Diana does not stop there, as revealed Us Weekly, this February 12. A British media source does not hesitate to make a comparison between the two, evoking the more unstable personality of the younger.

Prince William would indeed be more balanced and would not hesitate to talk about his problems with his wife, Kate Middleton. "Harry is more sensitive and emotional than William. He takes everything personally. He can sometimes be impulsive ", reveals this observer quoted by the American weekly newspaper. The 35 year old prince "wants the world to know that no one should suffer in silence. That's why he talked about Princess Diana and her therapy."

"More balanced than his brother"

On February 7, the Duke of Sussex delivered a moving speech on the psychological impact of the disappearance of Lady Di. He had notably revealed have been in therapy for three years for "overcoming the trauma left by the death of her mother". A sensitivity far from William's approach. According to this source cited by Us Weekly, the Duke of Cambridge would be a "logical thinker", not letting events reach him, like Harry. "This does not mean that William has a heart of stone. He's actually an incredibly loving and kind man, he just has a different way of dealing with his emotions. He is more balanced than his brother ", continues the observer.

The relationship between the two brothers should not abate anytime soon. according to Us Weekly, the two sons of prince Charles would have spoken only "sometimes" since the announcement of the Megxit. If Harry, now installed in Canada, no longer confides in his brother, he can nevertheless count on his wife Meghan Markle. "She knows everything about her husband and constantly advises him", reveals a source in the media. The former actress has now become a pillar in this period of media storm.