The American political pundit Bre Payton, 26, dies suddenly


Sunday, December 30, 2018

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<p><a target=Bre Payton, 26 years WE. writer for the Tory online magazine The federalistand a recurring pandit on the Fox News, Fox Business and One America News networks, died suddenly Friday in San Diego, Californiaafter having contracted H1N1 flu and encephalitis. Colleagues reacted with surprise to death and recalled Payton's work ethic, Christian beliefs and physical attractiveness. The news of death has spread virally, becoming the sixth most popular topic in the United States. Google for the day.

Bre Payton Promotional Photo
Image: The federalist.

According to a report on Caring Bridge, a day after appearing on One America News on Wednesday, Payton was found insensitive. She was hospitalized and admitted to intensive care unit. After tests, the doctors made the diagnoses. His condition worsened until his death.

"We are devastated" tweeted The federalist publisher Ben Domenech"For the last time we saw her, she was a funny, intelligent and lively person, and we are now lost so suddenly."

In an article published yesterday, Domenech spoke of Payton's role as a young conservative woman and described it as "of a distracting beauty for men of Washington DC. […] smarter than all, [and] would overwork them, give them more results and surpass them ".

Payton joined The Federalist in April 2015 after graduating from Patrick Henry College. In addition to One America News, she appeared on Fox shows Your world with Neil Cavuto, Trish Regan Primetime, Fox and friends, and Fox News @ Night.

"I can not believe it," tweeted the Fox News @ Night host Shannon Bream"[Payton] was such a beautiful light, smart and funny and kind and talented[…] Please, pray for his broken-hearted loved ones who are shaking without a doubt. She was far too young. "

Payton is survived by four siblings and his parents who have created a scholarship fund on his behalf for "young Christian future leaders".