Macron hopes the debate will defuse the unrest, just like the unfortunate French monarch


President Emmanuel Macron, often criticized for his monarchy
way, calls for a national debate appease protesters "yellow vest" whose
A nine-week uprising set Paris on fire and upset its administration.
which has been compared to that taken by King Louis XVI on the eve of France
Revolution, reports Reuters.

In 1789, Louis XVI
summoned aristocracy, clergy and French citizens to discuss ways of connecting the
The lugubrious finances of the crown and the appeasement of popular discontent aroused by feudalism
society. He scored the
beginning of the revolution. In a few months, the king was helpless and four years
beheaded later by the guillotine.

Macron will launch the three-month "big debate" initiative on
January 15th. As during the reign of the unfortunate king, the French are already
write complaints in "cahiers de réclamation" opened by the mayors of 5,000 communes.

The debate will focus on four themes: taxes, green energy,
institutional reform and citizenship. Discussions will take place on the internet
and in town halls. But officials have already said change the course of
Macron's reforms to liberalize the economy will be banned.

"The debates are not an opportunity for people to unload all
their frustrations, we do not question what we've done in the past
month, "Benjamin Griveaux, spokesman for the government, told BFM TV." It was not
replay the election. "

By limiting the terms, Macron may make the same mistake as
condemned the monarchy, the historian Stéphane Sirot of the University of Cergy-Pontoise
says the newspaper Le Parisien.

"Emmanuel Macron is like Louis XVI who … receives the
grievance book but does not understand anything about them. – Stepane Sirot

In Flagy, 100 kilometers south of Paris, the mayor of the village
received written complaints from local "yellow vests" such as Agosthino
Bareto. The 65-year-old garage owner is confident that the government will frame the
debate at its convenience.

"Everything we said, it's like dust in the wind,"
Bareto said. "We are not being listened to."

Flagy Mayor Jacques Drouhin is in favor of such projects.
frustrations. He says he'll refuse to hold a debate in town hall as long as
Macron plans to continue the reforms anyway.

"This is not what our citizens are asking for," said Drouhin.
"It's enough, it's now up to our leaders to listen to what was said in
the grievance books. "

Low participation would undermine exercise. An elabe
opinion poll Wednesday showed that only 40 percent of citizens have the intention to take
participate in the debate.

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