The Paris gas explosion kills two firefighters in the city center


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Media captionVideo showed the consequences of the explosion, with flames engulfing the ground floor

Two firefighters and a Spanish woman were killed after a huge explosion in a bakery in the French capital, Paris.

Emergency services reacted to a gas leak when "a dramatic explosion" occurred, said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

Forty-seven people were injured, 10 seriously, in the explosion of the Treviso street around 09:00 (08:00 GMT).

This happened near the Paris Opera, a popular tourist area, and was felt several streets away.

Immediately afterwards, spilled cars and storefront debris litter the street in front of the bakery on fire as people stand around them, looking stunned by the force of the explosion.

The Spanish woman, on vacation in Paris with her husband, died at the hospital after the blast. Another Spanish national was also injured.

What happened?

The Hubert bakery at 6 rue de Treviso was not to be open at the time of the explosion, reports Le Parisien newspaper.

A gas leak was reported in the building and firefighters were about to deal with it when the explosion occurred.

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Firefighters were injured in the blast

Helicopters landed on the Opera Square to evacuate the wounded.

Some 150 people took refuge in the town hall of the 9th district of the city after the explosion, said French radio Colombe Brossel, deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of security.

Emily Molli, visiting journalist, described the extent of the damage.

A Parisian adviser said the city's gas network was "in a catastrophic state".

"It has aged a lot and, above all, it is badly marked, "said Alexandre Vesperini in the newspaper Le Parisien. newspaper.

How did the inhabitants react?

A resident named Killian was asleep when the explosion exploded at his windows. Everyone in the building came down, he said, and he could hear screaming.

The blast also destroyed a theater, he told the French news channel BFMTV.

"I was sleeping and woke up with the wave," Claire Sallavuard told AFP.

"All the windows of the apartment exploded, the doors were torn off their hinges, I had to walk on it to leave the room, all the children panicked, they could not get out of their room."

The family used a ladder to leave the building on the first floor with the help of firefighters.

Dozens of tourists, suitcases in hand, were evacuated from many hotels in the region, AFP reported.

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At least 20 people were injured

Paula Nagui, a receptionist at the nearby Diva hotel, said that there had been a "huge explosion" that broke all the windows.

Concerned guests were assured that it was not a terrorist attack, she told the Parisian.