Trump's fight for a border wall deserves the blame that he asked


During his meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on December 11, Donald Trump was clear about who would bear the blame for a government shutdown if he could not get at least $ 5 billion in funding for his much-promised wall along the US-Mexico border.

"I will take over," he told the top congressional Democrats. "I'll be the only one to close it. I will not blame you. "

While the partial stop is continuing, the creation of training effects such as long delays at airports understaffed with security screening officers and garbage accumulates In national parks and monuments in the United States, polls confirm that Americans accuse Trump of the blame he has demanded.

Results of a new Washington Post-ABC News Poll made public today (January 13th) revealed that 53% of respondents thought that Trump and the Republicans in Congress were mainly to blame for the closure, against 29% who deemed the Democrats to be responsible. The results save the previous results. In a recent comparison of polls by YouGov, Reuters / Ipsos and Morning Consult, revealed that the majority of Americans surveyed blamed Trump and the number of people pointing to him increased as the closure continued. More than three weeks, he is now officially the longest in the history of the United States.

The wall of the border was one of the main promises of Trump's election campaign and he continued to promote the idea, even though most Americans do not like it. The Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 54% of respondents opposed the wall. Support for a wall has increased, however. In the new Post-ABC survey, 42% of respondents supported the idea, compared to 34% a year ago.

Most of this growth has been right. "The increase in support is the strongest among Republicans, who have backed Trump's long-standing campaign promise, which had jumped 16 points over the past year, from 71% to 87%." Washington Post noted. "Not only has the support of GOP increased, it has also hardened. Today, 70% of Republicans say they strongly support the wall, an increase of 12 points since January 2018. "

Nevertheless, as Nate Cohn recently pointed out at the New York Times, the Wall is above all popular at the Trump base, and the current closure should not bring him more supporters, especially as unpaid federal employees cause new problems. According to the public, closing does not look like a winning strategy.