The closure of Trump – the longest federal closure in US history – has real implications for New York families. It is estimated that 14,367 federal employees in New York are without pay due to the closure.

And it's not just the federal employees who are suffering. Soon, the closure – which shut down federal agencies, including the IRS – could begin to hurt families relying on timely tax refunds. Although the Trump administration has ordered the IRS to grant tax refunds when the government closes, it is unclear whether this is legal or if the agency – already exhausted due to of the new federal tax law and the setting aside of its employees – has the ability to process and distribute refunds in a timely manner.

Even the economists of the administration recognize a negative impact on our economy with a negative impact on the national gross domestic product. If this continues, American families, businesses and communities will face even greater economic uncertainty.

Congress can and must do better. That is why the Democrats in the House, at the time of writing this report, passed seven bills to reopen the government, end Trump's closure and give the president and in Congress the time to negotiate on border security and immigration policy. Most of the bills opposed by the Republicans were identical to the bipartisan bills adopted in the Republican Senate.

The Republicans of Congress must finally take the yes for an answer and join the Democrats to end without delay the closure of Trump.

The writer, Democratic President and Chairman of the House Credit Committee, represents the 17th District of New York in the US House of Representatives.


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