President Donald Trump weighs a national state of emergency to address the crisis on the US-Mexico border. According to Gallup, 42 million Latin Americans would want to migrate permanently to the United States.

"Gallup Poll:" Open Borders will potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans & # 39; & # 39; President Trump has tweeted Sunday morning. "This would be a disaster for the US We need the wall now!"

Gallup's 42 million estimate comes from a poll that showed that 27 percent of 450 million adults in Latin America would want to migrate (about 121 million), 35 percent of whom specified the US as the desired destination (about 42 million).

"Forty-two million searchers for citizenship or asylum watch to determine exactly when and how best time to take the step," Jim Clifton blogged from Gallup. "This suggests that open borders could potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans – a full 5 million who plan to move in the next 12 months say they are moving to the US"

President Trump tries to negotiate with Democrats in Congress to finance $ 5.7 billion for a boundary wall, but the Democrats do not come away from the comment of landlord Nancy Pelosi about no money allocated for a wall that they & # 39; immoral & # 39; eight.

"I do not think the Dems on the Border Committee is allowed by their leaders to make a deal", a following President Trump read tweet. "They offer very little money for the much-needed Border Wall and now want, out of nowhere, a pet to be held in detention on convicted violent criminals!"

President Trump reopened temporary government funding to close a shutdown to negotiate along the border wall at the request of the Democrats, but no progress is reported.

"It was a very bad week for the Democrats, with the GREAT economic figures, the Virginia disaster, and the address of the State of the Union," The next tweet from President Trump added. "Now, with the awful offers they've made to the Border Committee, I really believe they want a Shutdown, they want a new topic!"

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