Farmers seek alignment change for Chittoor-Thatchur Road


Farmers from Ponneri, Uthukottai and Pallipattu, three very fertile talons from Tiruvallur, have rejected the proposed 126.5 km long Chittoor-Thatchur 6-lane highway for a price of ₹ 3,197 crore. They demand that the road that rises between two rivers Araniyar and Kosasthalaiyar takes a different alignment.

At least 1.138 acres of agricultural land directly cultivated by 774 agricultural families and 2,847 families indirectly, would be obtained by the project aiming to provide connectivity with the two ports in Ennore in the district. A. Sasikumar, a Kakavakkam farmer in Uthukottai taluk said that the three taluks together were major suppliers of paddy to the Red Hills paddy and rice market, which in turn sold rice mainly to Chennai.

"Our country is very fertile thanks to the two rivers and hundreds of small and large tanks, we also supply drinking water from Manjakarani to Chennai, everything that is affected," he said.

A study by the Tiruvallur District Farmers and Labors Coordination Committee showed that at least 105 wells would be lost.

Loss of vegetation

Similarly, 10 agricultural ports, 309 boreholes, 32 agricultural pipelines would be affected by the project. In addition to agricultural plantations, 6,347 trees would be lost. Farmers said that officials from different government departments involved in land acquisition only acted in a way that was their own way and stated that the project would be certain and that they would sign the required forms and papers.

C. Jayakumar of Vada Madurai in Periyapalayam said that the project in his area would go through channels and thus make fertile lands in dry plots.

"We grow paddy, watermelons, peppers and even legumes according to the market demand, but now this elevated road will in many cases cut cross-country grounds, which means that farmers have to travel two kilometers to reach their own country. water the crops in such cases, "he added.