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Dems react to the economic performance of Trump with stone faces and eye rolls Will they ever grow up?

I have never seen a group of lawmakers in Washington upset enough to hear that America is back at work. But on Tuesday evening I watched with sincere confusion and disappointment when the Democrats on the speech of the State… Continue Reading →

Since Huawei faces problems in the West, it might find comfort in India

"India will not remain unaffected by the technology war between America and China," said C. Raja Mohan, non-resident senior fellow of Carnegie India, in a recent note. "While Washington was behind Huawei, the crown jewel of Chinese technology companies, Delhi's… Continue Reading →

As the crisis in Venezuela worsens, the US embassy faces a security challenge

As a stalemate hardens in the Venezuelan Capital of Caracas between US diplomats and "illegitimate" president of the country, Nicolas Maduro, experts say that security at the US embassy could become a critical problem if the situation in the street… Continue Reading →

An employee of the US consulate in Turkey faces charges for links with Gulen

The suspicious residence of Gulen in the United States The suspicious residence of Gulen in the United States published: Oct 10, 2016 Views: 48 Based on his extensive research on US embassy and consulate cables found at Wikileaks, award-winning investigative… Continue Reading →

Evan Mawarire, pastor of Zimbabwe, faces charges of subversion in a context of economic turmoil

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) – A prominent Zimbabwe A pastor and activist who faces 20 years in jail on charges of subversion said Thursday that it was "heartbreaking" to see the new government act like that of former leader Robert Mugabe,… Continue Reading →

Theresa May's contract on Brexit was overwhelmingly rejected. UK faces uncertainty over impending divorce in the EU

After two years of fierce negotiations, Theresa MayThe plan to get Britain out of the European Union It was crushed on Tuesday in flames in a historic and humiliating manner – a crushing defeat that not only plunges the UK… Continue Reading →

British PM faces defeat in historic vote on Brexit agreement

May RAF plane waiting for its biggest parliamentary defeat since World War II – News Live May RAF plane waiting for its biggest parliamentary defeat since World War II – News Live published: Jan 14, 2019 Views: 27 May RAF… Continue Reading →

After her agreement on Brexit is crushed in Parliament, Theresa May faces a vote of confidence

LONDON – Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a humiliating defeat on Tuesday over her plan to pull Britain out of the European Union, plunging the country into political chaos just 10 weeks before she left. The vote of 432 votes… Continue Reading →

A Russian lawyer who took part in the Trump Tower meeting faces US accusations

Bloomberg News reports The Russian attorney who met with campaign leaders working for President Donald Trump in June 2016 has been accused of obstructing a money laundering investigation, according to New York attorneys. Prosecutors allege that Natalia Veselnitskaya submitted an… Continue Reading →

Stigmatized, the Fulani community faces many challenges

The Fulani are spread over twenty countries in Africa. Today, the recruitment of some of them by jihadist groups in the Sahel harms the whole community of pastoralists. Dougoukolo Alpha Oumar Ba-Konaré looks back on their story in The Conversation…. Continue Reading →

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